This site is dedicated to Gunner Mark 'Scouse' Taylor 1967 - 1987. AKA 'Tally'

This site is dedicated to Gunner Mark 'Scouse' Taylor 1967 - 1987. AKA 'Tally'
HQ Battery, 12th Air Defence Regiment, RA. A Fellow 'Wreckin' Crew' Member. Rest easy mucker. Photo courtesy of 'Shacks', his room mate.

Tell us what you know?

Hi all,

I have set this Blog up in order that we can share our memories and photos of our time in Napier Barracks. Whichever cap badge you had at the time, you all have a story to tell.

From the late 1940's until 1995, many regiments have passed through the gates of Napier Bks., albeit mainly Royal Artillery regiments and their supporting units. However, other units were present as Occupational Forces, including squadrons from the RAF Regt. and the Royal Scots Fusiliers post 1945; followed by the Royal Engineers in 1950.

Was you a member of one of the many Luftwaffe Squadrons, or an ancestor of anyone and has a tale to tell? 'Richthofen Kaserne' as the airfield with a new runway was known then. Did you serve in the famous Sturmstaffel 1 that was formed here in 1943?

Which artillery regiment did you serve with or attached unit? Did you serve with the 26th US Army Missile Detachment near the gate's entrance when two artillery regiments had Corporal nuclear missiles; or did you serve in the NAAFI, YMCA or WRVS? Come on, tell us what you know and share those photos you have.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Napier beyond recognition


Spot the Domes. Artillery replaced by Borussia Dortmund's training facilities and future housing. c.2011
Photos sourced off the internet

The Luftwaffe in Dortmund

The Luftwaffe (Ground) in Dortmund and photo may suggest at the airfield as opposed to the Flakkaserne in Dortmund (B1 Barracks)?
Photo sourced from the internet

Liz visits Dortmund 1984

Photo sourced from the internet

On Guard outside 12 RHQ

Guard duty outside 12 RHQ with captured Argentine AA Guns
Photos sourced from 12 Regt., RA Facebook page

9 (Plassey) Air Defence Battery, 12 AD Regt., RA Football team late 1980's

Plassey footy team outside BHQ with cinema in the background.
Some ugly mugs there!
Photo sourced from 12 Regt., RA Facebook page

Friday, 23 December 2011


The Control Tower before it was demolished as a result of an air raid on the airfield. Situated near the taxi ways, close to the entrance of the camp (by the old RSM's residence on the way to RAGTE)

Photo sourced from the internet and Fliegerhorste's excellent site

Monday, 19 September 2011

A view from the air looking south

As you can see, Napier Barracks has gone and resigns to a long history. Only thing that remains from those days (or hanging on!) is the golf course of St. Barbara's

Photo courtesy of Peter Kronfeld

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Flying Rapier!

Towed Rapier underslung beneath a Chinook, whilst another awaits. After doing the basic Rapier course it wasn't unusual to finish the course by taking a flight from RAGTE and then bringing your launcher into action in another location.

Photo sourced off the internet

Old Flughafen

Did the aeroplane crash? Found no records, but it looks like its in a steep dive and fast approaching the ground!

Photo sourced from the internet

The old Medical & Dental centre

This building was probably built post war, due to the fact that it was outside the airfield's perimeter. Formally the Church of Scotland and latterly, the Medical and Dental centre. A queue could be seen from the phone box before mobiles were plentiful!

Sourced from John Walker's REME website

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dirty Harry cleans his Bofor!

An old L40/60 Bofor, barrel removed for cleaning in Napier Barracks.

Photo sourced from the internet and with thanks to Harry, who's kneeling and cleaning the Gun.

Luftwaffe personnel in Richthofenkaserne

Luftwaffe personnel during the eleven years they occupied Richthofenkaserne. Here, seen in one of their accommodation blocks and the 'Cookhouse'

Photos courtesy of Fliegerhorste site.

Sturmstaffel 1

Sturmstaffel 1, the unit that was formed at the airfield in January 1944. Here we see Luftwaffe personnel with a Fw 190 in the background.

Photo sourced of the internet

Graf Zeppelin & Airport terminal

The Graf Zeppelin lands on the airfield in 1930 and the Flughafen terminal and one of the hangars in 1934, when the Wehrmacht/Luftwaffe took over.

Photos sourced from the internet

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Evidence of Air raid on Richthofenkaserne

 Photo sourced from the internet

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Old Airport Terminal and Hangar c.1927

The old Airport terminal and one of the hangars that was situated either side of the terminal on Flughafenstrasse, c.1927. All three were probably demolished in order to make way for the now Industrial Estate which was in close proximity of the barracks' perimeter fence and adjacent to the Rapier Domes of RAGTE
Photo sourced of the internet

Monday, 6 December 2010

Napier Cinema in 1950

Click on the title to see a Pathe video of Napier Cinema being opened by Lady Napier in 1950.

It's falsley stating that it's in Detmold, but it's clearly Napier Barracks, Dortmund with a congregation outside the top NAAFI

The unit in the footage is of 23rd Field Engineer Regiment, Royal Engineers of the 2nd Infantry Division, who constructed the cinema.

Sourced off the internet

Monday, 13 September 2010

Dortmund Brackel Aerodrome, Air Station (Flugplatz) and Airport (Flughafen) Timeline

  • 1910: Amateur flights from fields north of Brackel.
  • 1912: Air Station (Flugplatz) established for pilot training.
  • Post WW1: Postal flights from airfield. Brackel becomes part of Dortmund.
  • 1921: German Air Freight Service operates from Flugplatz.
  • 1924: Aeronautique Militaire (French Army Air Service) Squadrons (Escadrilles) that had been occupying area, departs.
  • 1925: Commercial flights begin.
  • 1926: Dortmund Aviation Club founded and foundations laid for Flughafen terminal.
  • 1929: Anchor tower built for airships.
  • 1930: 10 Aug. LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin lands north east of airfield.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

36th Heavy Air Defence Regt., RA. Disbandment Parade, 1977

Courtesy of Keith Holderness, Webmaster of 36 Regt., RA

Old site in July 2010

Welcome to St. Barbara's Golf Club
Welcome to BVB!
Looking from the entrance, down towards BVB 09 Borussia Dortmund's Football training ground

Where the entrance use to be
Looking along the entrance cobbles towards where the former Medical centre stood on the right

Photos kindly donated by Michael Murr

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

REME Workshop

Click onthe title to reveal a painting by David Rowlands showing 12th Air Defence Regiment, RA Workshop, REME in 1989 at the Rapier Compound

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Aerial shot in 2009

Image sourced off the internet

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Richthofenkaserne Timeline

Stab(n): Staff or HQ(s),

Gruppe(n): Group(s)

Staffel(n): Squadron(s) 3/4 Sqdns. of 12/16 aircraft

Single engine Fighter (Hunting) Wing: Jagdgeschwader - JG
Twin Engine Destroyer Wing: Zestorergeschwader – ZG
Combat team for special use: Kampfgruppe zur besonderen Verwendung – KGzbV
Night Interception Wing: Nachtjaegersgeschwader – NJG

Storm Squadron: Sturmstaffel

Airfield Command: Fliegerhorst-Kommandantur

Anti-Aircraft: Flak.

Battery(ies): Batterie(n)

Unit titles, if given; are in italics

  • 1934: Luftwaffe moves in to establish an airbase (Fliegerhorste) alongside the airport and is known as Richthofenkaserne.
  • 1936: Apr. JG134 Horst Wessel (Stab, 1 Gruppe) arrives with Arado Ar 65, 68’E/Fs & Bf109 B/D’s
  • 1938: Jul. JG134 Horst Wessel (4 Gruppe) arrives with Arado Ar 68's & Bf 109's. Oct. JG134 Horst Wessel re-titled JG142 Horst Wessel (Stab, 1 & 4 Gruppen) with Bf109 D’s
  • 1939: Jan. JG142 Horst Wessel re-titled ZG142 Horst Wessel (Stab & 1 Gruppe) with Bf109 D’s
    May ZG142 Horst Wessel re-titled ZG26 Horst Wessel (Stab & 1 Gruppe) with Bf109 D’s
    Aug. ZG26 Horst Wessel (Stab & 1 Gruppe) departs and civil flights cease.
    Nov. ZG26 Horst Wessel (Stab) returns with Bf109 D’s & Bf 110’s
    Nov. JG26 Schlageter (Stab & 1 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 E’s
  • 1940: Jan. ZG26 Horst Wessel (Stab) departs
    Feb. JG26 Schlageter (1 Gruppe) departs. Feb. ZG26 Horst Wessel (3 Gruppe) arrives with Bf 109 D’s & Bf110’s
    Mar. ZG26 Horst Wessel (Stab) returns with Bf110’s
    Mar. ZG26 Horst Wessel (3 Gruppe) departs
    May ZG26 Horst Wessel (Stab) departs
    May JG26 Schlageter (Stab) departs
    May KGzbV101, KGzbV104, KGzb106 arrives with Ju52’s & KGzbV105 arrives with Fw200’s, Ju90’s & JuG38’s
    Jun. KGzbV101, KGzbV104, KGzb105 & KGzbV106 partially disband (Stabn remain with some staffeln till 1941). All aircraft to training schools
    Jun. JG26 Schlageter (Stab) returns with Bf109 E’s
    Jun. JG26 Schlageter (2 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 E’s
    Jul. JG26 Schlageter (Stab & 2 Gruppe) departs
    Jul. JG3 (3 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 E’s
    Aug. JG3 (3 Gruppe) departs
    Dec. JG54 Gruenhertz (Stab & 3 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 E’s
  • 1941: Jan. JG54 Gruenhertz (Stab) departs
    Feb. JG54 Gruenhertz (3 Gruppe) departs
    Feb. JG26 Schlageter (1 Gruppe) returns with Bf109 E’s
    May JG26 Schlageter (1 Gruppe) departs May Flak-Brigade z.b.V (Stab) formed
    Jun. Flak-Brigade z.b.V (Stab) re-titled Flak-Brigade X (Stab) Jun. JG51 (4 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 F’s, then departs within a month Around 1,000 Wehrmacht/Luftwaffen troops are stationed
  • 1943: Feb. Flak-Brigade X (Stab) departs. May 22 Flak-Division formed. Oct. Sturmstaffel 1 formed with Fw190 A’s
    Dec. JG1 Oesau (1 Gruppe) arrives with Fw 190 A’s
  • 1944: Feb. JG1 Oesau (1 Gruppe) departs
    Feb. Sturmstaffel 1 departs
    Apr. JG300 Wilde Sau (2 Gruppe) arrives with Fw190 A’s. Apr. Fliegerhorst-Kommandantur A (o) 4/VI formed
    Jun. JG300 Wilde Sau (2 Gruppe) departs. Summer. Flak-Regiment 124 (10404 & 10405 Flak-Batterien) arrives
    Sep. JG300 Wilde Sau (staffeln of 3 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 G’s
    Sep. JG3 Udet (1 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 G’s, then departs within a week
    Sep. JG4 (Stab) arrives with Bf109 A/G/K’s & Fw190 A’s
    Sep. NJG1 (Stab: Ju88 G's & 4 Gruppe: Bf110's, He219's & Ju88 G's) arrives
    Oct. JG300 Wilde Sau (Staffeln of 3 Gruppe) departs
    Oct. JG77 Hertz As (Stab) arrives with Bf109 G’s
    Nov. JG4 (Stab) departs
    Dec. JG77 Hertz As (1 Gruppe) arrives with Bf109 G/K’s
  • 1945: Jan. JG77 Hertz As (Stab & 1 Gruppe) departs
    Mar. NJG1 (Stab) departs
    Apr. All units that remain; surrender
Information sourced and researched from the internet and edited by the Blogmaster in a simplified way for researchers and other interested parties to understand. Groups from Sqdns. along with entire Sqdns. moved in and out of the airfield throughout WW2

Monday, 16 March 2009

Napier Barracks Timeline

  • 1945: 2879 Sqdn., RAF Regt. Boldarrives
  • 1946: May 2879 Sqdn., RAF Regt. disbanded & 2757 Sqdn., RAF arrives briefly, then departs. Aug. 1st Bn., Border Regt. arrives. Oct. 1st Bn., Border Regt. departs
  • 1947: Feb. 157 Infantry Brigade re-formed as 5 Inf. Bde. Aug. 5 Inf. Bde. renamed 5 Inf. Bde. Group. Sep. departs. Oct. 2nd Bn., Royal Scots Fusiliers arrives
  • 1948: Feb. 2nd Bn., RSF departs. Jul. 2nd Bn., RSF returns. Oct. 1st Bn. cadre amalgamates with 2nd Bn. & re-titled 1st Bn. RSF.
  • 1949: Feb. 1st Bn., RSF departs. Dec. 23 Field Engineer Regt., Royal Engineers (2, 5 & 38 Fld. Sqdns. & 21 Fld. Park Sqdn.) arrives
  • 1950: Aero-Clubs e.V. formed by brothers; Theo & Hans Hengsbach. NATO prohibit powered flight
  • 1955: NATO permits powered flight
  • 1956: Aero-Clubs e.V. (Dortmund Aviation Club successor) departs for Dortmund-Wickede Airport
  • 1957: Mar. 47 Guided Weapons Regt., Royal Artillery (3, 4 & 31 GW Btys.) arrives with 47 GW Regt. RA Signals Troop, Royal Signals in support
  • 1958: 23 Fld. Engr. Regt., RE disbanded & 1 Army Group Royal Artillery Signal Sqdn., Royal Signals arrives
  • 1959: 1 AGRA Sig. Sqdn., RS re-titled 218 Sig. Sqdn. (AGRA), RS & 26 US Army Missile Detachment arrives in support of 47 GW Regt., RA
  • 1960: Jan. 31 GW Bty. departs from 47 GW Regt., RA. Sep. 218 Sig Sqdn. (AGRA), RS disbanded. Nov. 47 GW Regt., RA Sig. Tp., RS re-titled 256 Sig. Sqdn. (GW (Fld.)), RS in support of 47 GW Regt., RA
  • 1961: 27 GW Regt., RA (6 & 23 Btys.) arrives with 257 Sig. Sqdn. (GW (Fld.)), RS in support of 27 GW Regt. RA and supported by 26 US Army Msl. Det.
  • 1964: Mar. 47 GW Regt., RA re-titled 47 Missile Regt., RA. Mar. 27 GW Regt., RA re-titled 27 Army Missile Regt., RA
  • 1965: Oct. 47 Msl. Regt., RA departs. Oct. 256 Sig. Sqdn. (GW (Fld.)), RS merges with 257 Sig. Sqdn. (GW (Fld.)), RS
  • 1966: Dec. 27 Army Msl. Regt., RA departs with 257 Sig. Sqdn. (GW (Fld.)), RS
  • 1967: Jan. 34 Light Air Defence Regt., RA (11 & 58 Light Anti-Aircraft Btys.) arrives. Jan. 36 Heavy Air Defence Regt., RA (56 & 60 HAD Btys.) arrives with 260 Sig. Sqdn. (Surface to Air Missiles), RS (654 & 655 Sig. Troops (SAM)) in support of 36 HAD Regt., RA . Feb. 26 US Army Msl. Det. Disbanded
  • 1968: Mar. 36 HAD Regt., RA departs with 260 Sig. Sqdn. (SAM), RS. Apr. 12 LAD Regt., RA (9 & T LAA Btys.) arrives
  • 1969: Dec. 34 LAD Regt., RA disbanded. Dec. 22 LAD Regt., RA (42 & 53 LAA Btys.) arrives
  • 1970: Jan. 58 LAA Bty. to 12 LAD Regt., RA. Jan. 11 LAA Bty. to 22 LAD Regt., RA. Mar. 22 LAD Regt., RA departs
  • 1971: Jul. 12 LAD Regt., RA departs. Jul. 36 HAD Regt., RA (10 GW & 111 HAD Btys.) returned with 260 Sig. Sqdn. (SAM), RS in support of 36 HAD Regt., RA
  • 1977: Dec. 36 HAD Regt., RA disbanded with 260 Sig Sqdn. (SAM), RS. Nov./Dec. 22 Air Defence Regt., RA (11, 42 & 53 AD Btys.) returned
  • 1985: Jan. 12 AD Regt., RA (9, 58 & T AD Btys.) returned. Mar. 35 AD Bty. for 22 AD Regt., RA re-formed. Oct. 12 AD Bty. for 12 AD Regt., RA re-formed. Nov. 1 Artillery Brigade re-formed
  • 1992: Jul. 22 AD Regt., RA departs . Jul. 16 AD Regt., RA (11, 14, 30 & 32 AD Btys.) arrives
  • 1993: Apr. 12 AD Regt., RA re-titled 12 Regt., RA (T Bty. re-titled T/Headquarter Bty.). Apr. 16 AD Regt., RA re-titled 16 Regt., RA (11 Bty. re-titled 11/Headquarter Bty.) & 1 Arty. Bde. disbanded
  • 1995: Sep. 12 Regt., RA departs. Dec. 16 Regt., RA departs

    (Accompanying REME Workshops to RA units throughout. Plus, other supporting units; APC, APTC, AGC, ACC, RAOC/RLC, Education, Chaplaincy, Medical & Dental Corps')
Information sourced from the internet and researched from other resources with sheer detective work!!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Royal Air Force Regiment 1945 - 46

2879 Squadron, RAF Regt.

2757 Squadron, RAF Regt.

2879 Sqdn.: After forming in June 1943, this unit moved to the continent in November 1944 under the 2nd Tactical Air Force after converting to a rifle role. After serving in Vitry, Brussels and Eindhoven, the sqdn. finally moved to Dortmund in 1945, possibly at the end of the war and at Brackel-Dortmund airfield; whereupon the unit disbanded in May 1946.
2757 Sqdn.: This unit was also in Europe during WW2 as part of 2TAF and found itself briefly in Dortmund in 1946, possibly taking over from 2879 Sqdn. or alongside the unit until 2757 Sqdn. move onto Bonn?

Information sourced and edited from the internet

Friday, 27 February 2009

Napier under development c.2007

Not a familair entrance!

' Come on, own up; who's artwork is this?'

Waterlogged celler after demolishment of the building

What was in its last days; 12 (Minden) BHQ

The old RAOC/RLC workshops.
BVB 09 Borussia Dortmund's training ground with the Air Defence Domes of RAGTE in the background.

Photos courtesy of Peter Kronfeld of Foto Community - Germany and sourced from the internet. Click on the title to view furthermore photos.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Aerial view of Napier April 2006

Latest aerial view showing the training pitches of BVB 09 Borussia Dortmund FC. Since this latest view courtesy of 'Google', the buildings to the west of the camp have long gone; if not all throughout Napier now?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Days in Napier

Members of C Troup, T Battery 12th LAD Regt., RA enjoying a break. Scary to see how young we all looked back then. Taken on the airfield. Circa 1969.
(22nd LAD Regt., RA in the background??)

Members of staff (military and civilian) working in the Officer's mess. Taken behind the Officer's Mess. circa 1968.

Gunner (at the time) Bott sitting on a 32 ton Layland Tractor. The gun being towed is the 40/70 Bofors. This picture was taken on the airfield apron . Circa 1969.
Photos courtesy of Bob Bott (12 LAD Regt., RA)

Tunneling from Battery Bar to Battery Bar and Sir Harry's disapearing cake!

I was based at Napier from Sept. 1980 to Mar. 1988 with 11 (Sphinx) Bty., 22 AD Regt., RA.

It brings a tear to the old eye to see what has become of home..........well what was home for so many years. Napier Barracks was such a great camp, lovely open fields, woods, ponds, stables and of course; the Golf Course. This, I was involved in upgrading from a 9 to 18 hole course in about 1982-83 under the watchfall eye of Dick Edgler (I think this was his name?). I was driving a dumper truck, shifting topsoil and turf and also helped lay some of the greens.

I remember one night whilst in the battery bar that was located in the cellar of Block 52 near the cookhouse; I found a small metal door leading to a small tunnel, so with the zippo in hand, off I went with one mate. There was only enough room in the tunnel to crawl and after what seemed ages, we came to a ninety degree turn to the right and then off again in a straight line. Eventually the zippo packed up so we were in total darkness, but on we went. After a short while we came up against a metal door and with a little bit of groping around, I found the door handle and tried it. BINGO!, it's wasn't locked so I gingerly opened the door and a small chink of light illuminated our nocturnal activities, but the door would only partially open because something was stopping it. But, peeking through the gap I could see what was another battery or squadron bar and it was occupied; bugger! Somehow they didn't notice, so at a great haste we withdrew along the tunnel back to the safety of our own battery bar.

The next day I decided to try again, so armed with the issued right angled torch and two hours after closing time I was off (by myself this time). I followed the same route to the metal door of the next bar and opened it and with a gentle push I was able to open the door just enough to squeeze through. Shining the torch around I found the light switch and put some light on the situation..........not a battery bar, a workshops bar. Therefore I had a little nose around, but my intention's were exploration and I eventually found another metal door exactly the same as the two previous ones. So, with same drill into the tunnel and off I go (I have by now lost my bearings and have no idea in which direction I am heading!). Eventually after many hundreds of metres and several ninety degree turns later; yet another metal door and guess what? - it's also open and the next room is in darkness. With a quick torch recce and its another bar and empty, well this is too easy, I'm going to be in Camp 10 by morning at this rate! With another look around I find the magic metal door again, but alas, this one is locked! Here was where the expedition ended, except for the journey back to my own battery bar and on my way, helping myself to a few cigars and some bottles of Becks!

On the way back to my own battery bar, the last door had a bench seat in front of it, but try as I did, I couldn't pull it back into place. That maybe why on a return trip with some of the other lads (for some free beer, fags and cigars), the door was locked - bugger!

On another occasion after a heavy night of drinking, I awoke to find my room mate Animal Jones; whom I hadn't been out with, was fast asleep in his pit covered in cake. Well, knowing my room mate isn't in the catering business and wasn't waiting on at the Mess or anything, I knew it couldn't be right all this cake. Taking a look around, I find more cake; great big chunks of the stuff and to my shock, all over the carpet was more cake!

It is now about 6.30am, so out I go into the corridor and it doesn't get any better on the cake front, so back into the room -
slap, slap: "Jonah; wake up". Slap, slap: "wake up"!
All to no avail. So back into the corridor to find the Hoover, plug vacuum in, get rid of evidence. Ten minutes in the corridor and sorted, then into the room - five minutes later sorted (OK a forensic scientist would have found him out, but not any BSM's or RSM's).
Now I collect up all the cake and the silver tray, for once it is nicely sat and off to the big Stadt bin outside.
"Oh no"!,
To my horror there is more cake on the landing and stairs leading out of our block. Talk about Hansel and Gretel, anyway it's still early on a Sunday morning, so get to the bin, take out the first few layers of rubbish and place the cake and tray into the bin. Then, replace the previously removed rubbish. Back into the block and grab a broom and quick as I can, I sweep down the landing and stairs removing all the crumbs into the area just outside the entrance. I then dig with my hands a small hole in the soil and deposit the remainder of the evidence. Or did I?
No, there is a trail leading away from the block. With broom in hand I follow the trail, franticly casting all the crumbs into the grass and ever watching for anybody in uniform, looking for a bolt hole to escape to. I realise very soon where this trail is leading to (the cookhouse) and knowing even on a weekend the cooks start early; I must be careful. After a while the cake trail disappears, this tells me where Jonah started eating. So ditching the broom into some bush I casually walk to the cookhouse by the most direct route and at the rear of the cookhouse I can see members of the guard and the ROS standing by a broken window....OH....SH*T! Luckily they were too interested in the scene of the crime, they hadn't noticed me and I wasn't hanging around. With lightning speed; I was off back to the block.

Back in my room, there was Jonah and still fast asleep, but now I mean business, so the slaps are harder and the voice is a whole lot louder! Within a few seconds I made it very clear that lying in bed covered in cake was not a good idea. So Jonah was off to the washroom, towel and soap in hand. I am so knackered by now all I want is my bed. So off with my kit and under the duvet, before Jonah could even get back from the washroom all hell was let loose! Banging, crashing and shouting
"Get out your beds. Stand by your beds "
Then ensued a very brief block inspection from God knows who, but they were in uniform? This is when I realised it wasn't just any old cake that had been stolen, because the sergeant was explaining to the block senior that somebody had stolen Sir Harry Secombe's cake and that he was visiting today and he used to be in the regiment!! Anyway, the only person that was thankful; was Jonah, because we couldn't tell anyone! However, I think If the BSM had ever found out, he would have been pleased for me diverting any unwanted trouble towards the battery.

However, that night, an extra guard was put on to guard the cookhouse. A 9 x 9 tent was place on each corner of the cookhouse and every night thereafter, the guard was doubled until the culprit owned up. This of course never happened and eventually the guard was dropped.

As for the cake the good soldiers of the Army Catering Corp, hastily baked a sponge in double quick time in order to replace the former fruit cake that had many hours of icing alone spent on it!!!!!!

I am not aware if Sir Harry was aware of the great cake theft? However, if he could of seen my side of things; I'm sure he would ofound it amusing as I hope you find it amusing?

Written by Ted Heath (22 AD Regt., RA)
Edited by Blogmaster

Saturday, 16 August 2008

1960's sports in 12 LAA Regt., RA

Shot Put and Rugby being played by 12 Light Air Defence Regt., RA during the 1960's

Photos kindly supplied by Ted Ledua (ex 12 LAA Regt.)

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Flying over Napier no-more

Creedo flying in an old Luftwaffe Fokker over what use to be both a former Luftwaffe airbase and the home to many a Gunner regiment. Now home to Borussia Dortmund's training grounds.
Photos courtesy of Creedo
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