This site is dedicated to Gunner Mark 'Scouse' Taylor 1967 - 1987. AKA 'Tally'

This site is dedicated to Gunner Mark 'Scouse' Taylor 1967 - 1987. AKA 'Tally'
HQ Battery, 12th Air Defence Regiment, RA. A Fellow 'Wreckin' Crew' Member. Rest easy mucker. Photo courtesy of 'Shacks', his room mate.

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Hi all,

I have set this Blog up in order that we can share our memories and photos of our time in Napier Barracks. Whichever cap badge you had at the time, you all have a story to tell.

From the late 1940's until 1995, many regiments have passed through the gates of Napier Bks., albeit mainly Royal Artillery regiments and their supporting units. However, other units were present as Occupational Forces, including squadrons from the RAF Regt. and the Royal Scots Fusiliers post 1945; followed by the Royal Engineers in 1950.

Was you a member of one of the many Luftwaffe Squadrons, or an ancestor of anyone and has a tale to tell? 'Richthofen Kaserne' as the airfield with a new runway was known then. Did you serve in the famous Sturmstaffel 1 that was formed here in 1943?

Which artillery regiment did you serve with or attached unit? Did you serve with the 26th US Army Missile Detachment near the gate's entrance when two artillery regiments had Corporal nuclear missiles; or did you serve in the NAAFI, YMCA or WRVS? Come on, tell us what you know and share those photos you have.

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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Napier Cinema

Just thought that I would remind you that there were two AKC cinemas. One in Napier run by a Mr Porter (-1959) followed by a Mr Marshall(1960-). The projectionist was a German fellow who had knocked out two Russian tanks single handed with a Panzerfaust -somewhere in Germany. He had been a member of the HY at some time.

The second one was in Camp 7, run by a Mr Ashton (-1959-), he had an Italian wife from Triest. The Projectionists here were all squaddies, taking it in turn to run the show. Only when they were on a manoeuvres was I called in (1959/60). Both Mr Porter and Mr Ashton were ex-army, both deciding to stay in Germany when they were demobbed.

Well I think that is all, it`s just that I couldn`t find the cinemas on the Camp list.

Cheerio for now
John O`Meara (ex-AKC. 1959-1965)

T Battery, 1969

T Battery outside the Gun Compound in 1969,
when they actually had Guns!
Photo sourced from 'Googie's' post on 12 Regimental's forum. Follow the associated links to access this forum.