This site is dedicated to Gunner Mark 'Scouse' Taylor 1967 - 1987. AKA 'Tally'

This site is dedicated to Gunner Mark 'Scouse' Taylor 1967 - 1987. AKA 'Tally'
HQ Battery, 12th Air Defence Regiment, RA. A Fellow 'Wreckin' Crew' Member. Rest easy mucker. Photo courtesy of 'Shacks', his room mate.

Tell us what you know?

Hi all,

I have set this Blog up in order that we can share our memories and photos of our time in Napier Barracks. Whichever cap badge you had at the time, you all have a story to tell.

From the late 1940's until 1995, many regiments have passed through the gates of Napier Bks., albeit mainly Royal Artillery regiments and their supporting units. However, other units were present as Occupational Forces, including squadrons from the RAF Regt. and the Royal Scots Fusiliers post 1945; followed by the Royal Engineers in 1950.

Was you a member of one of the many Luftwaffe Squadrons, or an ancestor of anyone and has a tale to tell? 'Richthofen Kaserne' as the airfield with a new runway was known then. Did you serve in the famous Sturmstaffel 1 that was formed here in 1943?

Which artillery regiment did you serve with or attached unit? Did you serve with the 26th US Army Missile Detachment near the gate's entrance when two artillery regiments had Corporal nuclear missiles; or did you serve in the NAAFI, YMCA or WRVS? Come on, tell us what you know and share those photos you have.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Napier beyond recognition


Spot the Domes. Artillery replaced by Borussia Dortmund's training facilities and future housing. c.2011
Photos sourced off the internet

The Luftwaffe in Dortmund

The Luftwaffe (Ground) in Dortmund and photo may suggest at the airfield as opposed to the Flakkaserne in Dortmund (B1 Barracks)?
Photo sourced from the internet

Liz visits Dortmund 1984

Photo sourced from the internet

On Guard outside 12 RHQ

Guard duty outside 12 RHQ with captured Argentine AA Guns
Photos sourced from 12 Regt., RA Facebook page

9 (Plassey) Air Defence Battery, 12 AD Regt., RA Football team late 1980's

Plassey footy team outside BHQ with cinema in the background.
Some ugly mugs there!
Photo sourced from 12 Regt., RA Facebook page